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The Reaction To Facetagram: 12% Approval Rating On Twitter


Last week when Instagram came ti Android, Android users were ecstatic, iPhone users…not so much. 

Well there’s been an outcry across all social networks now that Facebook has announced that it’s acquiring Instagram for $1 billion dollars.  Even our apps editor, Elijah Ketchum weighed in.

According to social analytics firm Crimson Hexagon analyzed 200,000 tweets regarding the Facebook/Instagram deal.

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They found that only 12% of the Tweets were in favor of the merger.  18% of the Tweets were in shock, while 35% were furious.

The Crimson Hexagon research also found that 40,000 people had tweeted that they had deleted their Instagram accounts after the news broke.

Many Android users had taken to Google Plus to express the fact that they felt used by Instagram. Just a week before the Facebook announcement, Instagram had finally released their Android app. Many Android users feel like the only reason Instagram opened up to Android was to secure the Facebook deal.

Source: Yahoo

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