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Temple Run Update Brings Twitter Integration And Boasts 10 Million Downloads In 3 Weeks

Temple Run

Android has really had some big-hitting apps transverse the chasm separating it from the iPhone App Store as of late, mainly Instagram and Temple Run. We heard big numbers for Instagram at its release, and Temple Run is now sporting 10 million downloads after only 3 weeks in the Android Mark–err–Play Store.

The ever-popular game has now added in Twitter integration as well, so users can share their stats on Twitter to the rest of their buddies, and compete more than ever. Temple Run has also received some bug fixes that should improve how the game runs, and after some issues at launch, this should be a welcome update. To be honest, I never really understood all the hype that has engulfed Temple Run on its road to stardom. While it was fun the first few times, I have never really gotten why people love it so much, especially after so many ways to boost your score were found. Either way, it obviously has a lot of fans out there, and the update is now live in the Play Store. Check below for the full list of changes and a link to grab the update.

  1. There are now over 10 million Temple Runners on Android – thank you all! We’ve been working hard to make it even more fun!
  2. In this update:
  3. Twitter integration! You can now brag about your high score on Twitter!
  4. Fixed a bug with scoring that was making it harder to get points
  5. Fixed a bug that made the runner accelerate too fast
  6. Fixed a bunch of other bugs and some spelling mistakes
  7. Keep those bug reports coming. We are committed to making Temple Run the best game on Android!

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