T-Mobile Ice Cream Sandwich Updates And New Devices Leaked In Internal Document

While the carriers won’t publicly say anything until an update is ready and the manufacturers take their time letting people know what’s what, Tmonews.com has uncovered the dates for Ice Cream Sandwich updates to some of T-Mobile’s flagship phones.

Our good friend Dave at Tmonews received an internal screen shot which clearly says when to expect Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates. Now remember these dates are always subject to change and this is coming from an internal document. Tmonews is typically right on with their internal documents though.

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich should come to the Samsung Galaxy S II on May 14th. Yes that’s just a couple of weeks away.

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T-Mobile users with the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC Amaze 4G will have to wait about a month longer as the internal memo says June 16th is the date you’ll get the update.

But wait there’s more:

The same document details the release of some of the new T-Mobile devices launching soon. Most notably is the refresh for the MyTouch family. This time around they will be made by Huawei.

  • 5/9 — Huawei Astro — low end handset on 7/11
  • 7/11 — Huawei Buddy — new myTouch (QWERTY)
  • 7/11 — Huawei Phoenix — new myTouch (Touchscreen only)
  • 7/11 — Samsung Gravity TXT (new color)
  • 8/1 — Samsung Cacao, T159 indicates low end
  • 8/15 — Samsung Apex Q — no word on what this is

There have been other rumored devices headed to T-Mobile, most notably, the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy Note. We will probably hear about the Samsung Galaxy S III next week in London, as for the Note, it’s been revealed with T-Mobile branding. Tmonews had this story on the Galaxy Note.

Some of Verizon’s planned summer Android devices leaked out earlier this week as well.

source: Tmonews