Sprint’s 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus Getting Closer, Stores Receive Marketing Materials

A Phandroid tipster has provided them with the image above clearly showing a Samsung Galaxy Nexus poster. There is a second image here at Phandroid of the tube the poster came in which clearly says display starting 4/15 which is this coming weekend.

While the original rumors suggested we would see the Galaxy Nexus on 4/15 we don’t think they would put the posters up the day the phone launches. The date for display lends more credence to the rumors of April 22nd.

The Galaxy Nexus on Sprint’s 4G/LTE network will get a couple minor bump ups as far as spec is concerned from both the GSM model and the Verizon model. The Sprint version will also support Google Wallet for all without side-loading as Sprint is Google’s carrier partner for Google Wallet.

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Sprint is rolling out their 4G/LTE in baby steps, the way that AT&T did. When the beginning phase of their 4G/LTE network goes live, you will be able to enjoy 4G/LTE speeds in Baltimore, Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. You may remember that Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio were part of AT&T’s original roll out markets. Kansas City is Sprint’s HQ market while Baltimore was the first “4G/WiMax” market for Sprint after an acquisition of Xohm.

So keep your eyes pealed this is one of those any day now scenarios.

source: Phandroid