Sprint Galaxy Nexus Preorder Inventory Sold Out

Sprint users are anxiously awaiting the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. While there are probably many Sprint customers who are coming to the end of their HTC Evo 4G contracts or other devices, who plan to upgrade, there are probably some Verizon converts out there anxious for a pure Google experience with Google Wallet support.

Whoever the preorders went to they are all sold out at this point. As our good friend Quentyn at Phandroid points out though, there’s no reason to worry. Sprint stores will most likely get launch day inventory and they may replenish online inventory by the 22nd when the Galaxy Nexus goes on sale.

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The Sprint Galaxy Nexus is the 4G/LTE flagship phone for Sprint’s new 4G/LTE network. While they plan on aggressively ramping up their 4G rollout over the next year, customers in Baltimore, Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio will be able to partake in 4G/LTE speeds first.

While the Sprint Galaxy Nexus support 4G/LTE it’s peculiar that they haven’t been pumping the 4G/LTE network out in marketing and advertising. The first two phones debut in less than a week. Perhaps they will run on 3G until Sprint officially announces a 4G/LTE rollout.

source: Phandroid