Samsung Unpacking Galaxy S III May 3rd For The Olympics And More

Early this morning we got the official invite for the Samsung launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Not long after that rumors started swirling at a high volume across the interwebs. The connected crew over at BGR have released some of their rumors about the device, one of them in particular makes a lot of sense.

According to BGR, the Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be the official phone of the 2012 Olympics. We believe that this rumor has merit. We checked it with a couple of our high placed Samsung sources and mum was the word. However one source pointed out the fact that they are having the May 3rd event just randomly in London. The same city that the 2012 Olympics is being held at.

So why is that any bit significant? Well the first big substantial rumor about the Galaxy S III launch was that it would be in the U.S at CTIA. Well CTIA kicks off May 8th, all the mobile press will be there and it makes perfect sense to launch it there and not in London. Why launch the device 5 days earlier and 1000 miles away? Because an announcement that the Galaxy S III will be the official phone of the Olympics would make perfect sense happening in London, not in the US.

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Other rumors out of the BGR camp include two models a 16gb and 32gb, this is also believable. They are also speculating, or have heard from an unnamed source, that the Samsung Galaxy S III will have a 1080p HD display. Our friend Chris Chavez over at Phandroid doesn’t believe this one for a second but it may just happen.

Finally, BGR has suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S III will launch simultaneously in New York City, Seoul and Dubai, with the Olympic rumor in tow, this may happen as well.

As for all rumors we’ll have to wait and see, and we’re sure when it’s time Samsung Mobile will tell us.

source: BGR