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Samsung Rumored To Launch Cloud Storage Service Alongside GSIII At Unpacked On May 3

Since the beginning of Android, handset makers and even companies such as Amazon have tried to compete with El Goog themselves when it comes to media sales. HTC rents movies and other types of media to users of their newer devices, and Samsung has Media Hub, which is relatively the same thing. Amazon has launched their own cloud music store and app store to compete with the Play Store as well, and has been pretty successful at gaining traction for both services.

Samsung, however, is reportedly planning on releasing their own cloud storage service during their GSIII Unpacked event on May 3. This cloud service is rumored to store any type of media for its users, and will likely charge for high amounts of storage but still give users  around 5 GB of storage to start with. It is still not yet clear as to whether they will charge for the service right off the bat or give users a small amount and charge them to use more space. The service will also provide users with different types of media to purchase, such as music and movies, and will deliver purchased media to Samsung devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. With the announcement of their new Smart TV’s at CES, it is also expected that the service will deliver and integrate with those as well.

Samsung has also reportedly partnered with Microsoft to bring the service to countries outside the US, making it a possibility that if the service launches it will be available globally from the start. When taken into account that Samsung is selling millions of phones outside the US, this would be a very smart decision for the company. Samsung’s Unpacked event is being held in London on May 3, and “S-Cloud” may very well be launched alongside the long-awaited “Galaxy S III”. Stay tuned for more updates on the event.

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