Samsung Issues User Guide For Galaxy S Value Pack

The O.G. Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate, Vibrant, Epic 4G, Fascinate) will not be getting Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead, Samsung is issuing a “value pack” upgrade which has many of the features Ice Cream Sandwich users around the world are raving about.

Some of the photo based features like the ability to snap a picture while in video as well as Face unlock are found in the Samsung Value Pack.

The Face Unlock is actually a little more secure in the Value Pack. As our friends at Phonearena point out, you must blink before it recognizes you for Faceunlock, insuring that the unlocking mechnaism is looking at an actual person and not at a picture.

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Samsung has also added font size adjustments to the Value Pack gone are the days that you need to squint at your Samsung Galaxy S.

The Value Pack update which will be available via kies (and not shipped to your home in a light blue envelope) will also include the ability to add folders, a photo editor and other minor enhancements.  What the Value Pack update is missing is the true multi-tasking found in ICS and Honeycomb as well as NFC features like Beam.

This may make some Galaxy S users very happy though as the features they’ve added are ones people are most likely going to use. But heck, if you’re still rocking an original Galaxy S it may be time to hit that upgrade.

Get the guide from Samsung here

source: Phonearena

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