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Samsung Galaxy S3 coming May the 3rd, perhaps under another name? Who knows!chow…

We heard yesterday that Samsung have been sending across their invites for the supposed “Galaxy S3” launch, on May the 3rd, which does tickle my taste buds, just a tad. Samsung’s supposed successor to the highly popular S2 has been rumoured for weeks on end, new leaks being emerged onto every technology publication that the world-wide web houses, even this site! The S3 is supposed to bring many updates to the current S2, which is starting to age abit, with the likes of the iphone 4S and HTC One X storm-trooping the current smartphone market.

The device could even not be called the Galaxy S3, since the invite only states “Come and meet the next Galaxy” which does send shivers down my spine, or not? But why would I make that up, well enough of that, lets get on with today’s post. To be honest I thought that I would just collect my current thoughts on the S3, and can it remain as the Android king, or can it only emerge as the Android prince, which one guys? King or prince, King I think!

The rumour mill has not stopped, no it has not! and it is starting to annoy me, yes the Galaxy S3 could have a 4.7″ HD display, just like the One X, but can it beat the likes of the iPhone? Rumours have also said that the S3 may also get an upgraded 12- mega pixel camera, instead of the current 8- mega pixel snapper on the S2, not a beast I know, but is 12- mega-pixels good enough, I think yes!

I really do want to see an upgraded S3, offering a larger display, a better camera, maybe 12-mega pixel, or perhaps 80- megapixels, I only want to see a better camera!Can the S3 bring good quality smartphoneship, or will it just be another con, who knows!

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