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Rumor: Nintendo Wii U To Run Android?

By now we’ve all started to hear the rumors about the next generation gaming consoles. It looks like the first out of the bunch is going to be the new Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U is a little different than everything else expected to hit the market in the next two years. Of course Nintendo kind of prouds itself on being different.

The Nintendo Wii U is expected to feature this oddly shaped, over sized tablet type controller that will interact with the console system itself. Although it hasn’t been widely developed yet, we think this may be the goal with the Sony PlayStation Vita and the next generation PlayStation expected in time for the holidays in 2013.

Sony hasn’t ruled out their Vita platform making it’s way onto their next generation smartphones, and they haven’t said if they will ever integrate Android into a future handheld device. In fact gaming analysts are suggesting that the mobile stand alone gaming system may be on it’s last legs thanks to smartphones and tablets.

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That’s why this latest rumor that Nintendo may start incorporating Android into the Wii U controller/tablet makes a little (like tiny) bit of sense. AndroidHeadlines reported this rumor over the weekend and didn’t source it to anywhere. The details are scarce so that’s why we are reporting it as an unsubstantiated rumor.

At one time, as most of us knew, Nintendo was a gaming giant not to be reckoned with. It’s apparent that they may go the way of Nokia if they don’t do something soon.

Adding Android to the Wii U controller tablet would possibly allow users to download additional games for the Wii U controller via the Google Play store and have a separate, stand alone gaming experience, when the Wii U Controller isn’t being used to control the games on the television.

A console/mobile hybrid makes a lot of sense for the gaming industry as a whole. Comment below:

source: Android Headlines

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