Render Of New Tablet Surfaces Could Be Google Nexus Tablet, Or Maybe Not

Pocketnow ran the image above on Tuesday morning pointing to the fact that it very well could be the Google Nexus tablet that we’ve heard so much about lately.

Google is reportedly working on a very affordable tablet in house, that they will sell under the Nexus branding and on a webstore similar to the Nexus One web store. The main difference is that the tablet will be subsidized for content consumption. It will reportedly cost around $200.

Google is on a rampage to take on Amazon who has “forked” Android and made it their own, locking out any revenue outside of search for Google.¬† Google’s recent re-branding of the Android Market to “Google Play” is reportedly part of that strategy.

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Pocketnow reports that the photo/image above shows a total Google experience without any manufacturers UI or skin on top. It also shows the Ice Cream Sandwich icons, clock and other soft buttons on the top.

Ubergizmo raises the point that the icon for the Google Play store still says “Android Market” but quickly reasons that this could be because this render was before the Google Play change was announced.¬† Ubergizmo also points out that this appears to be more along the lines of a 10.1″ tablet.

AndroidCommunity points out that this tablet could be the 7.7″ prototype tablet that Toshiba showed off at CES, and that this is a production version of that tablet.

Whatever it is, it’s a new Ice Cream Sandwich tablet that we haven’t seen until today. We do expect to see a real version of the Nexus tablet in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

source: Pocketnow