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Pocket Is The New ReadItLater, And A UI Refresh And Performance Updates Come With It

Pocket -formerly Read It Later

ReadItLater has always been one of my personal favorite apps, so much so that we featured it as the “App of the Week” a few months back. Now, the application has been updated to version 4.0, and with that has received some pretty big changes. ReadItLater is now known as Pocket, and is based around the concept of “pocketing” all of the information you want to see but cannot get to at the moment. ReadItLater has always been able to save multiple types of media, but it never differentiated them from each other so most people just assumed it was for articles.

With this update, however, Pocket is trying to show users that they can save anything with the app, and they should use it for anything. With this update the developers added a filter for the things you save that automatically group your items into their respective areas. This makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for when you go back to view everything that you have saved.

Along with a name change, Pocket has also completely refreshed the look and functionality of the app. Now you can star items, archive them, and even edit items in bulk, whereas before you had to do each individual piece at a time. This makes it much easier to use the app and get through the content that you want to see, and the content that you don’t have much interest in. They have also upgraded the performance of the app with improved syncing and faster downloading as well. The full list of changes is below with a Play link to grab the update as well, and be sure to check it out because it is definitely a much better app.

  1. New name: Read It Later is now Pocket! Use your existing RIL username
  2. New Content Filter: Automatically filters content so that you can quickly switch between articles, videos and images.
  3. Clean and simplified viewing experience with fewer toolbars and a redesigned full-screen mode.
  4. Easier to Organize: Favorite, Tag, Archive, Delete and Bulk Edit
  5. Available on all major platforms, including Android, Kindle Fire, iOS and a powerful web app.
  6. Improved syncing, faster downloading, and more

Play link

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