Plume Receives Update To Bring New ICS-Style UI



Plume has been one of our favorite apps here at TheDroidGuy for a while now, and today that have pushed a pretty awesome update to┬átheir Twitter client. In addition to support for and, Plume now has a completely redesigned UI in light of the new ICS style apps. The bar at the bottom of the app is now gone, and instead their are four new choices up top–timeline, mentions, DMs, and a new feature altogether, Home.

The home function of the app allows you to view trends, search, favorites, lists, and a column manager. In the column manager you can choose which columns you want to be able to swipe through, such as search, favorites, and lists. Once these are added, you swipe between all of your different columns, and the new ICS theme looks pretty slick. Plume has been in need of update for a while now, and it’s nice to see developers embrace Google’s new app designs. The full list of things added in the update is below, and a Play link will be at the bottom to grab the update.

  • Brand new user interface to be more inline with ICS
  • long tweet handler in addition to Twitlonger
  • picture upload
  • Resize uploaded pictures depending on the network type in use (hence the new permission)
  • Bugfixes

Play link