Path For Android Gets Updated With Instagram Style Filters

No that’s not an Instagram for Android update, it’s a Path for Android update. The growing social network has just updated their Android app, and in that update there’s a little something special.

If you’re not familiar with Path it’s a social network that’s app is very much like the Facebook timeline but much more drilled down. It shows the time that you actually posted, and those following you can basically see how you’re entire day went, time stamp and everything, if you’re so inclined to use it that way.

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Path allows you to real time share the music you’re listening to, text thoughts, pictures, and more.

With their latest update to their Android app they’ve added “lenses” that are very reminiscent to the popular filters on Instagram. This may be for good reason as Path’s biggest competitor would be Facebook and it was created by a former Facebook engineer, Dave Morin.

The lenses are simple retro style filters with cute names like “Diana”, “Lomo” “Ansel” (as in Adams), “country” and more.

If you’re ready to start instagraming your Path posts head over to Google Play and download the upgrade.

Source: Droid Life