Mystery Surrounding Sony’s Bert Nordberg Revealed


Last week we brought you this story about Sony’s corporate restructuring involving their newly formed Sony Mobile Communications unit. Under the restructuring Sony Mobile was placed under the supervision of Sony’s Vaio unit in an effort to build on their new One Sony corporate strategy. 

Sony has reported this morning that Kunimasa Suzuki will officially replace current CEO Bert Nordberg as President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications.  Nordberg will assume the role of Chairman of Sony Mobile Communications.

In his new rose Suzuki will oversee all of Sony’s consumer products in an effort to streamline Sony’s consumer facing brands.  Suzuki will be responsible for smartphone tablets and PCs.

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“Bert Nordberg has done an outstanding job in transforming Sony Ericsson, now Sony Mobile Communications, from a feature phone to a smartphone company,” continued Kazuo Hirai. “I have enjoyed working with Bert and I would like to thank him for his vital contributions over the years, and I am glad that he will become the Board’s chairman to support Kuni and the management team of Sony Mobile Communications during these critical phases of the company’s integration with the wider Sony Group.”

“During my years with Sony Ericsson and now Sony Mobile Communications, I’ve seen the mobile industry change at a rapid pace. We’ve shifted the company from feature phones to a smartphone company, and established Xperia™ as the Sony smartphone with consumers and operators around the world,” said Bert Nordberg, outgoing President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications.

Sony is trying relentlessly to command the portable electronic space it once held on its own during the days of the Walkway.  With smartphones, tablets and PCs as common place as portable music players once were Sony may be onto something with this new strategy.

Source: Engadget