Mobile App Studio Iconosys Merges With Daily Deals Company Monster Offers

You may have heard about Iconosys a lot here on, that’s because in addition to being the powerhouse developers behind thedroidguy app they’ve also created over 2,000 apps in a mix between their own apps and private labels for companies as big as Del Monte. They are also responsible for the technology borrowed by Sprint for their Drive Safe app, a cause that CEO Wayne Irving is passionate about.

Today Iconosys announced that they are merging with daily deals aggregator and analytics company Monster Offers. The combined company will still be called Iconosys. Monster Offers and Iconosys recently announced a joint venture deal aggregation app called “Monster Deals” which we’ve been checking out for a while and it’s great because it pulls deals, by GPS location, from every possible daily deal source around you.

Aside from that both companies have great corporate relationships that when merged will provide a network of some of the best relationships in the mobile apps business.

Under the terms of a letter intent signed today in Orange County CA, Monster offers CEO Paul Gain will be appointed to the board and serve as the company President while Iconosys CEO Wayne Irving will continue as CEO.

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Both companies expect that they will be able to reduce operating costs for the new company through operating synergies and the elimination of certain overhead and other duplicative expenses. In addition, Iconosys board of directors anticipates that Monster Offers’ expertise and visibility in the Daily Deal space will be a good fit with its app technology, mobile marketing and advertising business and is optimistic that this will lead to enhanced revenue and earnings growth for the combined entity.

“Talk about a win-win! Monster Offers™ has skilled resources, in-house technology and components, and a business model that fits tightly with the Iconosys growth strategy and outlook. In addition, with the revenue generating Smartphone apps that we are now building just for Monster Offers, we plan to integrate the Monster Offers Daily Deals system and platform into our paid and free app distribution. Needless to say, I am very excited about the prospect of combining our two companies.” Iconosys CEO Wayne Irving said in a statement

Monster Offers CEO Paul Gain offered “Iconosys truly is the iconic partner for Monster Offers at this stage of our business. Our business model relies on both “daily deal buying” end-users and corporate clients to participate in our analytics programs. Iconosys provides us access to millions and millions of mobile users which also becomes a direct benefit to our corporate clients as well. We believe combining our two companies will result in significant competitive advantages for the merged entity, enabling our teams to continue to introduce new innovations to the Daily Deals marketplace.”

Iconosys will continue to pump out great apps for their enterprise customers and under their own branding that typically cater to kids, teens, families and social causes. Texting while driving, an AIDS walk app, Kill Kony app and others have been at the forefront of their socially aware app offerings.


Iconosys built the official TDG App which you can find here in the Google Play Store

Here are some of Iconosys’ other Android Apps


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