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LG Tacks On The Word “True” In The Optimus True HD LTE, Aimed At Samsung

The smartphone war between South Korean rivals LG and Samsung heats up again. This time the subject is HD. We’ve already seen the LG Optimus HD LTE in the form of the LG Nitro on AT&T however LG has snuck another word into the name of the phone and that word is True.

Why would they do that? Well according to Engadget we’re hearing that LG feels that Samsung’s HD isn’t actually true HD because of their pentile displays ala the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. LG feels their “Real Stripe HD” is actually True HD and that’s why they’ve modified the name of the already released device.

LG says that OLED has lower ppi than LG’s IPS because of the pentile structure. They contend that the Optimus LTE applies RGB stripe structure thus it’s “Real” or “True” HD.

We’ll be interested to see what Samsung will do with their next batch of displays.

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Sourve: Engadget

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