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Instagram Update Fixes Crashes, But Leaves Incompatibility Issues Unresolved

Apparently a large number of users are having incompatibility issues with the newly released Instagram app, because the devs have already pushed an update to the Play Store. Certain cameras may have a problem talking with the app, as a lot of new devices are seeing a message that simply states “Camera Not Supported”. The message goes further to say that they are working to add compatibility for more cameras in future updates. The update does, however, fix a crash users with incompatible devices were seeing at first, but only replaces it with an error message.

As you can see in our review, we had no issues with Instagram running on most of our devices, but it seems that some devices just aren’t making the jump to the Instagram world just yet. Hopefully the developers will get this issue solved quickly, as a lot of users excited to finally try the app out may become quickly disappointed. The update does show, however, that the developers are aware of the issue and are not going to ignore their Android counterpart. This is more than we can say for other popular app developers such as Facebook, who seem to think that the millions of users with crashing applications can wait. While this update doesn’t do anything yet, we will be sure to let you know when the devs figure something out for the devices that aren’t yet supported. Until then, hit the Google Play link to grab your shiny, new Instagram update.

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