If You’re Celebrating 4/20 Today Here’s Something You Need To Own

Cadence watch company is offering up a variety of great designs for hip watch fans. They have an “8 bit” watch for that super geek on your holiday gift list, and they also have the 420 watch.

Whether you’re just looking for the ultimate gag gift, or to reminisce about the old days the 420 watch hits the spot. Perhaps you may even find that the highlighted time on the watch is quite useful.

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If you have a reformed pot smoker on your list or you just like hemp, heck if you’re one of those geeks that loved the herb or still do, than you may want to get one of these watches. Maybe you live in California or Washington DC and are using it as medicine, this watch ha got personality and character and it’s made well.

The Cadence 420 watch comes in a stylish box and retails for $85. You have your choice of a traditional metal watch bend or one in a hemp style. If you want to check out their 8 bit watch click here

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