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HTC One X Now Available For Pre-Order At AT&T, All Pricing Info Revealed

AT&T announced that they would be the U.S. carrier for the highly anticipated HTC One X. The One X is the king of the three flagship Android devices that HTC announced at Mobile World Congress. At that time, and even at CES, HTC had announced that they would slow down production and focus on quality over quantity. While the HTC One series definitely has the quality, there’s been no sign of a slow down just yet. We’ve recently learned about three handsets heading to China and one headed to Japan.

As for the United States, last week we saw the HTC One S debut at T-Mobile, complete with a new Carly commercial campaign and another legendary T-Mobile party (they’re back). We also heard a couple of weeks earlier about the HTC Evo 4G LTE. Although the Evo 4G LTE for Sprint is not an “HTC One” device it’s still on par with the series.

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AT&T is getting the One X. However, they are getting one some might think is a trimmed down version with dual core 1.5ghz processors. The International version received the Nvidia Tegra 3 4+1 core processor. Benchmarks have shown better performance out of the dual 1.5ghz processors though, so HTC Android fans on AT&T will not be disappointed.

The carrier has posted the device up for pre-order. They are showing a non-commitment price of $549 and a 2 year agreement price of $199.¬† It doesn’t say what day they will ship but that announcement is sure to happen any day now.

If you want to order the HTC One X for AT&T head over to this link right here.

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