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HTC One X For AT&T Only 16gb Internal Memory?

Anthanasios Zarkadas over at discovered something else about the HTC One X that is headed to AT&T that may turn people away.

We were clearly told that the One X at AT&T would have a Qualcomm S4 processor and not the Nvidia Tegra 3.  As Zarkadas points out, that of course also means that the TegraZone games that are currently available and the new ones coming out just for the Tegra 3 chip won’t be available for the HTC One X in the states.

A quick check of the AT&T preorder page though, only shows a 16gb version. As we know from Mobile World Congress there’s no expandable memory in the device either.  It was originally stated that we would have the option between a 16gb and a 32gb version.

While 16gb is a lot of on-board storage, when it’s maxed out at 16gb that may put a damper on things for some AT&T Android users. While there’s no official phone called the HTC One X Zarkadas refers to the international version as the HTC OneXL because, he’s right, it’s definitely not the same phone we’re getting here.

We’re also waiting to see if we have the same problem with processors with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. We’ve heard a lot about the Exynos quad core processor that’s going into that beast of a phone. What we haven’t heard is whether or not it plays nice with 4G/LTE.

All four US carriers either have or have announced plans to use 4G/LTE as the official 4G in the United States. The reason (the only reason) we’ve got the Qualcomm processor for the HTC One X is because they are releasing it as a 4G/LTE device for AT&T.

We think they should release both. We’d then see which 4 people want, 4G/LTE or that quad-core processor.


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