HTC Introduces Three New Android Phones In China, What Was That About Quantity?

HTC made a big announcement earlier this year that they were going for quality over quantity in the amount of smartphones they were introducing this year. At Mobile World Congress while other manufacturers like ZTE were introducing multitudes of new devices HTC wowed us with just three devices under the “One” branding.

We’ve already heard about a new lower level Android handset that will be releasing soon. Today we also hear that HTC has announced three new Desire branded devices for China.

The three new Android handsets will feature the latest version of Android, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. They will be on three different carriers and carry the names HTC VT T328i, HTC VC T328d and the HTC VT 328w.

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The HTC VT T328t is coming to China by way of China Mobile. It features a 4″ S-LCD WVGA display, Sense 4.o (with Beats Audio) and a 1ghz single core processor. The camera on board is a 5mp rear shooter. There is 512mb of RAM, 4gb of flash memory and a microSD slot. So this is definitely a mid-range device.

The HTC VC T328d is headed to China Telecom. The HTC V T328w is headed for China Unicom (don’t you love the names of the Chinese carriers). Both of these devices have similar specs to the VT T328t but they are also both dual sim devices. Dual sim is a popular feature overseas and allows a customer to maintain two different accounts even on two different carriers. Presumably one account is for work while the other is for personal use.

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Source: Unwired