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Google Play Books Updated To Support 3D Page Turning For 2.2-2.3 Devices & Offline Search

Google has finally pushed an update to the Play Store for their Google Play Books app that will affect around 98% of Android devices. Any device running 2.2 or 2.3 will finally see 3D page turning, and this is defintilely a welcome addition. Up until this update, turning a page in Google Play Books would just push the content off the screen in favor of some new content, but it sure wasn’t as pretty as it’s Honeycomb counterpart.

The update also includes the ability to search books offline, which is a huge benefit to people who often use Wi-Fi tablets or like to read where a data connection is not available such as planes. You can also add a shortcut to your homescreen for a single book, allowing users make their homescreen almost like a bookshelf where they can just tap a book to open it. This undoubtedly will make for a more convenient “quick read” as all a user must do now is unlock their device and tap a book to start reading where they left off. To complement adding convenience, the screen will now stay on during TTS to ensure that you don’t have to keep tapping to keep your phone from locking.

While Google Play Books is still a terrible name for the service, the app is still improving and that’s always the best thing to see. Hit the Play link below to grab the latest update, and stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more Android news and app updates.

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