Goodbye Google Wave, Hello Asana

Google Wave officially died today. It was reported back in 2010 that the collaboration tool would become read-only and eventually go away. Today was that day.

If for some reason you ignored Google’s warning that Wave would be taken away then you have until the end of today to export all of your information and Waves from the service. After tonight though, it’s all over with.

Google Wave was a great way to collaborate. Back when we were part of the Android Guys Thursday Night podcast we would use Google Wave to iron out the details and segments of the show. We also employed the service for a short time as a way to distribute story ideas to writers here at thedroidguy.

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So what’s out there now that Wave is gone?

I’ve been using a new tool called Asana. Asana is available at and like Google Wave it’s a collaboration tool. It even allows you to sign in with your Google account to login.

Asana is the latest idea to come from Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskivitz. He believes so firmly in the product he is hoping that it replaces email. It’s relatively new (like a couple of weeks) but it’s already feature packed and allows you to invite whoever you want into the experience, task, goal or activity and participate at the level you want them to.

Like Wave, instead of having to email something to put it into a projects work-flow the collaborators can use it to work on things together. We’ve been using it since the day it opened.

Check it out for yourself at

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  1. Asana is a great tool! We’ve been using it for the last couple of months thanks to invites from a colleague. Mainly as a checklist tool with added notes priorities etc! It’s great for breaking down large tasks into to smaller chunks. Ideal if you’re using Agile methodologies!

  2. Hi,

    Maybe have a look at Apollo as well!

    Apollo does project management as well as CRM. It has timers, writeboards, and it’s really fast (uses a lot of AJAX).
    Just my 2 (biased) cents!


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