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Follow Up: Samsung Denies Any Involvement In Wake Up Protest

Earlier this week Elijah brought us the story about a flash mob protest at an Apple store in Australia. Apparently mobs of people dressed in all black got off buses that said “Wake Up”, on the sides of them. The people were all holding up signs and chanting “Wake Up” in front of the Apple store.

It seemed like a marketing tactic from Samsung to draw more attention to their upcoming Galaxy S III launch. It also made perfect sense that they were building on the award winning “The Next Big Thing” campaign that ran in the fourth quarter of 2011.

“The Next Big Thing” campaign was a series of ads that portrayed Apple fans outside of Apple stores waiting for the next big phone release. There was a variety of different ads that brought to light features of the Samsung Galaxy S II that the iPhone and iPhone 4S didn’t have yet.

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The campaign was leading up to Samsung’s first Super Bowl commercial that was a minute and a half long and the official kick off for the Samsung Galaxy Note in the US. That commercial featured a crazy singing and dancing flash mob, so naturally this flash mob of protestors made perfect sense.

Also, the signs that the protestors were carrying sent people to a website displaying a countdown timer to May 3rd which is the day Samsung is revealing the Galaxy S III at a press event in London. Strong rumors suggest that Samsung picked London because they are also going to announce a marketing/sponsor partnership with the Olympics which are being held in London this summer.

According to this story from our friends at SlashGear Samsung is denying any direct involvement in this campaign. Chris Davies suggests that it’s possible that Samsung did have some involvement however it didn’t cast a positive light back at headquarters in South Korea.

We may never know who was really behind it, but of course, we’re writing about it so it worked, to an extent.

source: SlashGear

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