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Follow Phone Dog Aaron, He’ll Shave His Head And You Could Win An Evo 3D It’s That Simple

Get Phone Dog Editor Aaron Baker to 20k followers by Monday and all that pretty hair goes buh bye (photo: Twitter)

Now that the dust is starting to settle from that little legal matter between Phonedog and our homie Noah Kravitz it’s time for another baldy to be at Phonedog Media. We’re not talking about hiring someone new, nope we want Phone Dog’s Editor In Chief Aaron Baker to shave his head.

What? Shave his head?

Aaron Baker is often looked at by his fellow journalists as having the best hair in the business, just look at that picture to the left.  That’s right, friends of Baker like Tmo News editor David Beren and many of Baker’s other brave colleagues are desperately trying to get him to 20,000 followers before Monday. He needs just 4,009 at the time of this writing.

Why Monday? Because we’re all going to be in New York together next week to cover the T-Mobile HTC One S party and we want to see Baker sporting his new dew in New York City. Not only that but there’s something floating around about a video, eating cookies and a free HTC Evo 3D.


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In fact we’ll get Baker to shave his head and then we’ll get him to bag all his hair up and give it to one of those great charities that makes wigs for kids with cancer. Now it’s an all around great event/promotion/contest. We know that we share readers with Phonedog and TmoNews and while you may be surprised that we’re writing about these guys on our site, we’re all friends and colleagues.

In fact I’ll throw this out there, if PhoneDog Aaron can get to 20,000 followers by Monday I’ll retweet every Phonedog story for a month on thedroidguy Twitter feed. So we’ve got 101,000 Android loving followers out there. If you know Phone Dog Aaron go follow him now. If you don’t he’s a great source for not just Android info but every phone out there.  To make it easy here’s a link to his Twitter account now, go follow him and win…

But wait there’s more. If Aaron makes it to 20,000 followers by Monday I’ll throw in a new Powerbag Sling Bag or Back Pack that Aaron can give away to one of his random new followers.

Get to following Here 


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