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Facebook Messenger Receives Update With Better ICS Support And Updated Visuals

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s attempt at creating a mobile chat-style service for its users, was updated today to include a handful of helpful additions. The first of these is better Ice Cream Sandwich support, which is something that is good to see from Facebook. Another update to the app is some new visuals that look crisper and cleaner, and some bug fixes to the app crashing. The developers at Facebook have also added some new ways to get into conversations, with an easier way to start conversations and an easier way to open a group conversation.

Facebook Messenger has been on Android for a while now, and when it came out it was a far better experience than the actual Facebook app itself. Now, Facebook has updated their official app to be on par with Messenger and its iOS counterpart, so this leaves us to wonder if Messenger is even a necessary app at this point. Messenger serves the same purpose that the “Messages” part of the official app does, with a few little things added. Personally, I don’t use Facebook’s Messenger app very often, and I feel like it’s something that could just be incorporated into the app itself. Let us know in the comments if you use Messenger, and if you do how you like it. The full list of updates is below with a Play link to grab the update at the bottom after the break.

  1. 1.6.003
  2. Faster way to start conversations
  3. Easier way to start group conversations
  4. Updated visual design
  5. Better support for Ice Cream Sandwich
  6. Bug fixes
  7. Performance and battery life improvements

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