EXCLUSIVE: First Video Walk Through Of Blackberry’s New Mobile Fusion, Now Android, iOS, And Blackberry Play Nice

blackberry mobile fusion, blackberry, crackberry, thedroidguyRIM/Blackberry announced a stand up and cheer product on Tuesday in their next evolution of Blackberry Enterprise Server, called Blackberry Mobile Fusion. Despite the turmoil that’s been Blackberry over the past two years the long term mobile community at large has been quietly rooting for the underdog. After massive changes over the past couple of months a few products have emerged that show Blackberry may be finally moving in the right direction again.

So why would we be reporting on Blackberry on thedroidguy.com. First off everyone was a “____”guy before they were an Android Guy or in my case Thedroidguy. I was a Blackberry Guy. But that’s not all.

Blackberry Mobile Fusion, is about playing nice with other operating systems. It’s about using a next generation service product that’s built on something even the oldest of old school IT guys can like and wrap their hands around, and then it’s about playing nice.

While Blackberry has said they are changing their focus, they aren’t dumping out of the consumer market totally. As Blackberry representative John Nolan told thedroidguy in an interview Wednesday, Blackberry is going to move back towards the premium type products that they built before and consumers will come, as they did in previous days.

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Blackberry has a 4G/LTE Playbook coming out this summer along with the Blackberry 10 QNX devices that will launch with the ability to use Android apps.

What I was able to sum up in our discussion isn’t just about the story that iOS and Android kicked Blackberry into the corner. It’s about the evolution of the user as well. Blackberry’s were for the office, iPhones were for the home. Blackberry saw a change in that in what people are calling BYOD or Bring Your Own Device to work.

With the rapid increase in the amount of smartphone users this is a natural progression for consumers, business people, RIM, Google and Apple. Naturally a BYOD environment means that businesses can save money by not having to furnish devices for their work force. To accomodate this RIM actually announced two products,Blackberry Balance,  a product to balance the work/life mix and have essentially two different logins and two different platforms on one device, and this new Blackberry Mobile Fusion.

Mobile Fusion as Nolan calls it in the video, is the next evolution of Blackberry Entreprise server.  It allows businesses using their enterprise server platform to connect Blackberry’s, Android phones and iPhones to the same server network.

Now, from a single web based interface IT administrators can provision, audit and protect not just Blackberry smartphones, and Playbook tablets but iOS devices and Google Android operating system devices.  Administrators can configure access to email, calendar and contact information across all three platforms as well, something that until now, was impossible.

Now as long as an employee is using one of the three operating systems they can all be in sync with the same information.