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Eric Schmidt: We Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Use Java

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While Oracle may not agree, Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt said in court Tuesday that they did not need anyone’s permission to use Java in Android. This was part of testimony being taken now in the trial between Oracle and Google.

The question of whether Google needed permission to use Java from Sun and now Oracle has come under deep scrutiny. Emails between Google Vice President and head of Android Andy Rubin have suggested that the engineers from the Android team new all along that they would need to license Java.

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“The team looked to try to figure out what the best JVM solutions were,” said Schmidt in testimony Tuesday. Oracle’s attorney implied that Google was shopping around for JVM (Java Virtual Machine) solutions because they didn’t want to pay Oracle to license Java outright.

“I was aware at the time that we were thinking about what to do,” said Schmidt. Oracle’s attorney asked whether Schmidt thought at that time that Google was required to take a license from Sun. “Given the way Sun’s licensing model works, that is not actually correct,” he responded.

“I believe… you need to have a license to use their [Java] logo,” Schmidt said during Google’s questioning to clarify what that part of the presentation meant.

Schmidt’s claims contradict Andy Rubin’s testimony. Rubin had said that while Android was being developed back in 2003, he was under the impression that key Java APIs were protected by copyright and Google would need to make Java for Android work.

Source: Venture Beat

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