Draw Something Updated For Android Still No Chat (sort of)

Are you playing Draw Something on your Android device? It’s rather addicting and it’s rather fun, especially playing on a Samsung Galaxy Note. Do you ever find yourself writing notes before drawing the picture to send to your opponent? I thought it was a fairly odd practice until I started asking friends, Facebook friends and seeing people do it in the bar. Well you have to keep doing it that way because OMGPOP has updated Draw Something for Android but still hasn’t added that feature.

What they did add was great though. They’ve added the ability to comment to drawings which I guess in some ways is kind of another place to talk to your opponent.

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They’ve also added undo. I hate drawing some epic picture (ok I really suck at drawing just ask anyone playing with me) but I hate working on some masterpiece and then not hitting my color change hard enough and the wrong color or the wrong brush shows up. Then you can either use the eraser or try and color match the backgrounds. OMGPOP has made this easier now with last step undo. It is a life saver.

The final new feature is a refresh which allows you to refresh your games screen to see if anyone has drawn something for  you while you were working on your last Picasso.

If you’re a draw something addict head on over to the Google Play store and get you some upgrade.

Wanna play against me (I’m really really bad) lookup thedroidguy in a user search

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  1. yeah I noticed that to, heard all this great news about the feature update for both ios and android but it’s nowhere to be found!

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