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Draw Something Released For Kindle Fire

If you’re the proud owner of a Kindle Fire or you’ve been waiting to battle your mother who has a Kindle Fire in OMGPOP’s huge mega hit DrawSomething, well the time has come. The most popular mobile game on the planet (yes it’s beat Angry Birds and Words With Friends) is now available in the Amazon app store for the Kindle Fire.

So what that actually means is that until today more than half of all Android tablets didn’t have the game. Well go get it.

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If you’re not familiar with DrawSomething it’s a rather addicting game that works like Pictionary. You are dealt a choice of three words to draw each has a different amount of points. You draw the best picture you can so that the person you’re playing with can guess the word and they win the corresponding points. They do the same for you.

You can have multiple games going at the same time. I typically have 10 or so going at once. As you accumulate more coins you can buy more colors or you can buy bombs which are good for narrowing down the letters in a guess field, or changing words.

It’s a rather addictive game. If you want to play against me I give you fair warning that I’m horrible at drawing but you can find me with a search for “thedroidguy” in users.

If you want to download it to your Kindle Fire now hit this link

Source: Phonearena

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