Dolphin Browser HD Updated To Version 8.0

One of the most popular third party browsers for Android devices is the Dolphin HD browser. One of the reasons we like it is it has true desktop browsing support, which as you probably know comes in quite handy from time to time.

Other features we love include the Sonar voice search and gesture control. It makes swiping through websites a cinch on a mobile browser.

Well Dolphin has released another update into the Google Play store with version 8.0. The new version has improved support for getsures and a soft button on the screen for voice search via Sonar. Previously you had to shake the device to get to Sonar’s voice search, now it’s easier to control.  According to our friends at phonearena, Dolphin did this because more and more people are using voice search.

They’ve added a few more gestures as well. Swiping from left to right at the bottom of the page will quickly call up your bookmarks, while swiping from right to left brings up the add on side bar.

Although Chrome for Android is quickly growing in popularity Dolphin HD seems to still be one of the most feature rich browsers in the Google Play store. It’s also free of course.

Our iOS friends can get Dolphin Browser HD for iOS however the Sonar voice search is a $.99 add on. Another win for Android.

Here’s a link to Dolphin HD version 8.0 in the Google Play Store

source: Phone arena