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Did Sprint Out The Galaxy Nexus Release Date With LG Viper News?

When Sprint announced their 4G/LTE network at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada earlier this year they made it seem like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would not only be the flagship phone for their next generation network, but they also made it seem like it would be first.

If it is to be first are we to expect it within the next week or so?

On Tuesday it was revealed that the 4G/LTE LG Viper would be available for pre-orders starting April 12th which is just 8 days away. Now we know that’s just a pre-order date however the other significant part of that story is the part about the LG “Life’s Good Fairy Tales App” this app allows you and your child to make up fairytales of their own.

The “Life’s Good Fairy Tales App” will be available in the Google Play store on April 27th.¬† We would think with the LG Viper being the flagship phone for that LG app the phone release date and the LG Fairy Tales App release date into the Google Play Store should coincide with each other.

Earlier rumors suggested that the Galaxy Nexus would release on either April 15th or April 22nd. If the Galaxy Nexus is to be the first 4G/LTE phone on Sprint it would have to release before the LG Viper, right?

So did Sprint just acknowledge that we will in fact see the Galaxy Nexus hit their network sometime between now and April 27th? Your guess is as good as mine but no matter what, we are getting closer and closer to Sprint’s 4G/LTE network.

The news coming out of today’s Sprint/HTC event should also include a 4G/LTE phone. We’ll see where all this leads us soon enough. Stay tuned and comment below.

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