Could We Finally See Google Drive Next Week?

If rumors reported by The Next Web are to be believed (and they are usually right) we could see Google’s cloud based storage service called, Google Drive, as early as a week from today.

According to TNW Google Drive will simultaneously be available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. As we’ve heard a number of times before we should see 5gb free as part of Google’s offering. Is that enough though to compete with 25gb you can typically pick up free from Drop Box or 50gb you can get free from

Google is hoping that people who are regular Google service users will flock to their cloud based storage service which will operate alongside your other Google services. We’d love to see full on integration with Google docs, and photos from Google+ but none of that has been reported just yet.

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According to TNW Google Drive will have a folder based system that you can keep on your desktop similar to that of DropBox. has you go through their web based portal (which I personally like). Sugar Sync tries to take over too much of your computer, so hopefully with Google Drive their will be a happy medium.

Google Drive has been floating around a bit. It was leaked earlier by partner LucidChart. Also TechCrunch seems to have the app already. This should be a strong indication of just how close we are to launch.

Will you be switching to Google Drive when it launches or are you stuck in your ways with DropBox or

source: TNW

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