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Comscore: Half Of All Android Tablets Sold Are Amazon Kindle Fires

If you’ve had any question about why Google is partaking in a low cost Android tablet to expressly serve as a vehicle for Google’s downloadable media, the headline of this story spells it out loud and clear. According to the latest Comscore research half of all android tablets sold are Kindle Fires.

Now while some may think that’s great for Android, it’s actually horrible for Google. Google makes no money on the Android operating system itself. Amazon has used the Android operating system and modified it to their own liking to power the Kindle Fire. But that’s not all… Amazon has their own walled garden of content in the Amazon app store, Kindle online book store and other online content offerings. In fact, without some slight modifications you can’t get the official Google Play store on the Kindle Fire Tablet.

Aside from search and ads on search, Amazon has effectively taken Google out of the picture. Google should have an answer for that in the coming months.

Today’s ComScore research says that the Amazon Kindle Fire sells more than all of the other Android tablets combined. That’s a powerful device. Next behind the Kindle Fire was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, entire family. Miraculously Motorola was able to come in third place, but what happened in February is out of this world for Amazon. Amazon has 54% of the market, and Samsung had 15.4%.

Next generation tablets with quad-core processors may do something to bolster the sales of Android tablets that aren’t the Kindle Fire, however we are also well aware that Amazon may have a 10.1″ tablet, possibly powered by a quad-core processor waiting in the wings as well.

Google plans to launch their Nexus tablet in the coming months. Most think that the device will be introduced at Google IO where Google will make an attempt to get all of their loyal developers on board with building more apps and more content for the upcoming tablet. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Google Nexus is the device given away at this years IO conference, which is now two months away.

source: Phone Arena

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