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Bully Buster USA And Iconosys Team Up For The Release Of Word Bully 3.0 For Android

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” pardon my language but that’s the biggest crock of shit we learned in school. Sure they don’t physically hurt you but they can drive the bullying victim to tears, withdraw and even suicide. Now bully’s have a new weapon, the mobile phone. If you don’t think this is happening at your son or daughter, or even your school your dead wrong.

Nowadays instead of writing on the bathroom wall “For a good time call Sally 555-1212” cyber bully’s obtain the victim’s cell phone number and text and taunt them. They are also notorious for spreading cell phone numbers around so whole groups can cyber bully the same victim.

How serious is cyber-bullying? It’s been covered here on, newspapers nationwide from the Baltimore Sun to the LA Times and on all of the network morning shows. Cyber Bullying is so serious that Jillian Naber a Los Gatos teenager killed herself after falling the victim to cyber-bullying.

A topless photo of Naber had surfaced at her school and had been spread around the community virally.

Iconosys, a major white label app developer in Laguna Niguel California has teamed up with and Bully Buster USA has teamed up for the 3rd release of Word Bully. The new release is Word Bully 3.0.

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In a phone interview with Thedroidguy earlier this week, Wayne Irving, CEO of Iconosys said “Word Bully 3.0 has added new features and enhancements to protect children from cyber bullying, allow their parents to monitor for cyber bullying, and with this release, we’ve added features from our award winning Trick or Trackr app so that parents know where their children are”.

With the GPS functionality parents can see where their children are. Irving continued “One of the biggest pieces of feedback we got on our locator apps is what about when the battery dies? With Word Bully 3.0 the app records and sends the last location out before the battery goes dead.”

Why is this location functionality important? Some of us know all too well that when bullied in real life bullying victims have been either beat up or made fun of outside of school grounds. Sometimes the hurt or shame they feel is too much to just go home. In this case, or even if a child has become the victim of physical abuse or worse, parents can keep a watchful eye on where they are.  Keep in mind we’re talking about an age where privacy pundits should have no objection for the simple parental instinct of knowing where their kids are and that they are safe at all times.

The Word Bully 3.0 can be downloaded here, here are the updated features:

• Filtering Messages. Monitors for approximately 4,200 words, acronyms, bulli-cons, and known phrases that might be considered profanity, threatening, or vulgar, and also allows the parent or user to customize their own watch list of cyber-bully terms (see below).

• Blocks Messages/Forwards Messages. Stops inbound and outbound questionable communications and forwards them to parents and others with a “need to know”.

• Manage Words/Phrases Lists. Provides extra protection by allowing you to create, manage and monitor a customized list of cyber-bully watch words (e.g. acronyms, abbreviations, cultural-isms, and gang-style lingo).

• Identify Bullies. Allows you to use the app to filter and monitor ALL incoming text message communications, or to choose to ignore messages from specific numbers/texters.

• Locate your Child via GPS. Locates your child, family member or loved one anytime with Trick or Tracker® child location retrieval service. If GPS is off, locate your child thru IP address trace routing.

• Notify if Child’s Phone Battery is Low. AND NOW automatically sends you your child’s precise physical location, via gps and at intervals with low battery notifications to your phone so you can 1) be informed that the child’s phone is in fact running low on battery power, and 2) be informed regarding the child’s last identified whereabouts during what might-be stressful times.

• Intentional Power-Down LKL (Last Known Location) Notify. When your child’s phone is intentionally powered off using the power off button, the phone will send the last physical recorded location of your child upon the phone’s shutting down.

• Offensive Messages Lock-Box. Finally, the app stores the offensive and filtered test messages, for long term retrieval, in a password protected lockbox on the device, resistant to water, electrical, and impact damage.

 Download Word Bully 3.0 here

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