Best Buy’s Latest Victim: Best Buy Connect

Best Buy is internally restructuring itself after a bad year. We reported earlier that they were shutting down 50 of their big box stores and opening more small stores in malls and shopping centers.  Now we’ve heard via Engadget that they’re shutting down their short lived Best Buy Connect service.

If you’re asking yourself, what is Best Buy Connect, that is precisely the reason they are shutting down the service. It was an MVNO partnership with CLEAR that allowed Best Buy to sell their own branded mobile broadband devices and mobile broadband service.

Best Buy is shutting down the service as of June. They are no longer taking new customers and of course they aren’t going to charge early termination fees. They are also giving customers $125 or $150 gift cards to officially switch over to CLEAR’s WiMax service.

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“We have decided to exit this business after re-evaluating the priorities of the newly formed Connectivity Business Group, determining that we can achieve greater growth and customer satisfaction by delivering mobile broadband support in ways other than an exclusive Best Buy branded service,” a Best Buy spokesperson told AllThingsD. “Nevertheless, Best Buy Connect provided us lasting insight into delivering mobile broadband solutions, and we intend to apply this experience to our distinctive connectivity value proposition going forward.”

Our good friend Ina Fried at AllthingsD reported that BestBuy only had 11,000 customers on the service. It will suspend operations on June 20th.

Source: AllThingsD