Best Buy Career Man And CEO Brian Dunn Resigns

Best Buy career man and vocal CEO Brian Dunn has resigned from the nation’s largest consumer electronics retailer. This story hits close to home for me especially. As many blog sites are reporting the news and Dunn’s tenured career it was in the district and then region that I worked in where Dunn earned his stripes. While working as a department sup then a sales manager in D25 R7 I spent many a night making sure our store was “clean and bright” for a Dunn inspection (anyone who works or has worked at Best Buy knows exactly what I’m talking about). I received many a congratulatory TAO message from Dunn on sales numbers and Top Gun awards.

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Dunn is resigning after a roller coaster ride at big blue. Through his tenure as CEO Best Buy bought out CarPhone Warehouse to bring Best Buy Mobile back home to Minnesota. He unfortunately had to announce the closing of 50 of their big box stores just a couple of weeks ago. Now on the heels of another down quarter, dictated by a soft economy Dunn has decided to move on.

While sales of most consumer electronics products have been down at Best Buy, their generous aisle space lent to movies, games, music and other “media”, have been the focus of their declining numbers. Low margin items like those, and even video game consoles have seen more sales at online outlets like

Board member Mike Mikan 39, will take over as interim CEO while a new CEO is chosen.

“I have enjoyed every one of my 28 years with this company, and I leave today in position for a strong future,” Dunn said in a statement.

source: CNBC