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AT&T Galaxy Nexus On The Way?

Prior to the announcement and release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless rumors were hot and heavy that the device would appear on AT&T. Although not carried in AT&T CORE stores the original Nexus One and Nexus S supported AT&T’s bands. It wasn’t far-off to think that the Galaxy Nexus would be the same.

AT&T fueled the fire when they actually asked on their own website if their customers wanted the Galaxy Nexus.

Earlier this week the fairly new Android Revolution website ran a story saying that they had a source close to the situation and that SIM cards had started to surface specifically for the Galaxy Nexus. While I’ve only been in the wireless industry more then a decade and have never seen a SIM card for a user replaceable phone, specifically tied to any device, says that several SIM cards (RS#17-0700) are “likely” 4G/LTE and specifically for the Galaxy Nexus.

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Sprint is supposed to be next to roll out the Galaxy Nexus on their 4G/LTE network. They officially announced that back at CES. It’s certainly possible that the Android 4.0 reference device will launch on AT&T as well.

One thing to consider though is that we here in the United States do things a tad bit different than the rest of the world. Carriers here are always at odds and it’s a very good possibility that the reason AT&T was chosen as the exclusive launch partner for the Galaxy Note was because they didn’t get the Galaxy Nexus.

AT&T went hot and heavy with Android in 2011. We know they will be launching some top tier Android devices this year as well however mums been the word out of the AT&T camp as of late.

Androrev says they are unsure whether the sims were micro or full sized. So far the 4G/LTE devices on AT&T’s network have had microSIMs to date and we’re not sure why they would change up for the Galaxy Nexus.

Hopefully this will clear up soon.

source: Androrev

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