Are You A Child Of The 80’s You May Want To Check Out “80’s Music” Appsbar’s App Of The Day

Did you have a pair of parachute pants with more pockets than a Power Bag? Did you have a closet full of cardigan sweaters? Was your first mobile device a Motorola Bravo pager or a ginormous flip phone? Than you may want to check out Appsbar’s app of the day today called “80’s Music”.

Take a stroll down memory lane with Tears for Fears, the Thompson Twins and Nena’s 99 Luft Balloons with 80’s music one of the latest apps created using Appsbar’s proprietary do it yourself app builder. Building apps with appsbar is free and this is just another example of the creativity someone who wants to be an app developer can create without any formal coding experience.

The DIY developer behind 80’s music promises frequent updates to the app which delivers cool 80’s themed wallpapers and only the gnarliest 80’s videos.

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Appsbar selected it as their app of the day today, and being a child of the 80’s it was only fitting to spread the word. Appsbar’s Robot app building assistant Digi helps select the apps of the day. This is why Digi liked it:

When Madonna rocked the airwaves, mobile phones were still the size of phone booths and apps were something not many people knew how to build. With this app, the builder has already reached more than 6,000 lovers of all things 80s, and is keeping it real. Made with appsbar, this app is using powerful tools like iPhone app builder, Windows app builder and Android app builder to create a mobile apps in easy steps.

Anyone can get Digi’s help for free he’s the Appsbar’s lovable robot app coach.

Appsbar isn’t just about building 80’s music apps it’s a great resource for small business owners to build apps around their restaurant menus or store specials. Appsbar is also being used by thousands to create fan apps for bands, tv shows and sports teams. The only thing that can stop you from building a great app using Appsbar is your creativity. Once you think of something head over to Appsbar sign up for free and start creating.

Now if you’re seriously into the 80’s go give 80’s music a download, it’s free too, in the Google Play Store.