App Spotlight: Nosh


Yesterday while roaming through the Play Store, I stumbled on an app called Nosh. Now, so you can understand correctly, I am a HUGE food fan. I love apps that show me food, let me check-in to food places, and almost anything else. And while Nosh may not sound much like a food app, it is actually one of the coolest I have come across yet.

Nosh is different from other applications that allow you to rate and check-in because it doesn’t focus on the restaurant, it focuses on the meal. Different restaurants have different dishes they serve, and Nosh lets you check those out, rather than the restaurant itself so you can find out what you want to eat. Just because a restaurant has a high rating on an app, doesn’t mean that you will even know what to get once you get there. Nosh helps you out with that, and even more.

There is a social aspect to the app that allows you to see what your friends are eating, and if you have buddies that enjoy food as much as you do, it can be a great way to share ideas. Not only can you follow your friends, but you can also follow anyone who you want, meaning you can find people with similar tastes and keep up with them as well. Nosh has a great UI that features a lot of pictures so you can view the different dishes that are there, and it really makes something seem more appetizing when you can see a picture rather than black and white text. You can comment on people’s dishes, upload your own pictures, and keep track of every meal that you’ve eaten so you don’t forget something you really enjoyed.

Nosh is a great app for any food enthusiast, and it offers something different from other check-in applications. Be sure to check it out in the Play Store, and follow @TheDroidGuy and @ElijahIsMe