And Then There Were More Samsung Galaxy S III Rumors


You’ve gotta hand it to Samsung the S. Korean electronics giant has certainly been the subject of the most Android related rumors in the last year or so.

The Samsung Galaxy S II spawned rumor after rumor of launch date, spec, and design. The Galaxy Nexus followed suit and now the Samsung Galaxy S III. Let us not forget the launch date rumors for Samsubg’s first 4G/LTE smartphone, The Samsung Droid Charge.

New rumors have surfaced out of Asia in regards to the Galaxy S III.

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According to website AsiaE Samsung is currently testing their latest Android Galaxy flagship device in S. Korea.  This particular phase in testing typically takes two months but sources tell AsiaE that Samsung has said they need to speed up the testing.

The other rumor is coming front Korean website DDaily the are reporting that Samsung js abandoning the pentile display for some sort of more optimum display.

U.S website Phandroid posted a pic last night that suggested the release date would be May 22 however the validity of that image is suspect.

Source: 9to5Google