Amazon App Store Introduces In App Purchases: Google It’s On

The Amazon vs Google app store war continues to heat up. As we all know very well, Google is working on a $200 range tablet to compete directly with Amazon’s Kindle Fire. We also know that their move to consolidate their digital content into the “Google Play” store was a direct result of Amazon’s success with Android apps in their Amazon Android App Store.

Google isn’t taking too kindly to the fact that Amazon has used Google’s Android operating system, tweaked it and then shut Google out of the ecosystem by not providing access to the offerings in the Google Play Store (formally the Android Market).

Amazon has another notch under it’s belt now as they’ve introduced in-app purchases to the Amazon Android App Store experience. Now developers who publish apps via the Amazon app store can also bill their in-app purchases through the Amazon App store and in turn to a customers Amazon account.

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Some of the world’s top developers like ZeptoLab, Glu Mobile, and Game loft have already added Amazon’s in-app purchase sdk to their apps. Top publishers like magazine giant Conde Nast, Dow Jones and the New York Post are already using the technology as well.

“Amazon Appstore’s In-App Purchasing service enables developers to generate more revenue from their apps,” said Aaron Rubenson, Director of Amazon Appstore. “In-App Purchasing is simple to integrate and gives developers access to millions of Amazon customers who are already familiar with Amazon’s 1-Click payment system. Many of Amazon Appstore’s customers have shopped with Amazon before and they trust Amazon’s easy payment process, which leads to higher conversion of developers’ in-app content and subscriptions.”

Developer’s who would like to find out more about using in-app purchases in their Amazon App Store apps can visit this link.