4G LTE Popping in and out of NYC and Long Island Locations, Soon to be Permanent

As a Verizon Droid Charge user, i have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of 4G in my neck of the woods. I’m a Long Island, Queens, and New York City frequenter. The HSPA+ and misleading 4G icon’s on my friends AT&T devices has started to annoy me, and I want to show them what real speed is.

One night, as i’m making my nightly rounds, I notice something flickering on my phone’s screen. What’s this? A 4G icon! Alas, service is in the near future. I scoured googles various sources of knowledge to find one person who shared my temporary joy. Since there was only one person, I proceeded to talk to my Verizon corporate connections to find out more.

They will be rolling out 4G within the next 3 weeks, I was told. I was also told NYC, Bohemia, Northport, Bay Shore, and  Setauket will be seeing LTE within the next week, if not already. The rest of the North Shore of Long Island will roll out weekly, and the South Shore will follow thereafter. Maybe this is just my over-excitement, but everyone I talk to is anxiously awaiting 4G to hit the hot locations on the East Coast. Stay tuned for more information.

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