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Where Do I Find S-Pen Apps For My Galaxy Note? In The Samsung App Store Of Course!

The 5.3″ [easyazon-link asin=”B0061YRDX6″ locale=”us”]Samsung Galaxy Note[/easyazon-link]has taken the world by storm. Prior to South By Southwest the company announced they had already sold more than two million of the phone-blet device. It’s been one of my favorite devices. To me it’s the perfect size to give near tablet functionality in a smaller, more pocket sized experience.

One of the unique things about the Galaxy Note is the S-Pen. This digital pen works great as a navigation tool but it’s also deeply integrated with the software for the phone. The S-Pen offers easy screen shot capability, annotating capabilities and a variety of ways to interact with apps.

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The Google Play store can be a gigantic beast to comb through when you’re looking for apps, especially when you’re looking for phone specific apps. Samsung has simplified that process by providing their own “Samsung Apps” store.  The Samsung Apps store highlights apps that would be great for you and your device. Then to complete the download it takes you to the Google Play store.

Samsung offers a specific location just for S-Pen apps.  The S-Pen category in the Samsung Apps Store is a mixture of great productivity, art, and kids apps. Familiar apps and developers have customized versions that interact and take advantage of the functionality of the S-Pen.

Some of the apps include TouchRetouch which allows you to retouch photos using the S-Pen to be more precise.  The fun photo app Skitch has an S-Pen version which allows you to annotate pictures with texts, words, and drawings. Hello Crayon and Hello Colored pencil are art drawing apps geared for kids.

In the productivity realm there is iJournal by Catch which allows you to take journal entries with handwriting recognition and the same goes for Power Office + Drop Box for Note.

There are several other apps in the S-Pen section of the Samsung Apps store. Also don’t forget about the special Galaxy edition of Angry Birds, which looks great on the Galaxy Note screen.

Find the Samsung Apps Store in your Galaxy Note.

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