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Well There Ya Have It: Google I/O Sells Out In 20 Minutes

Google has reported that their extended annual developer conference, Google IO 2012, sold out of it’s 5,500 ticket allotment in under 20 minutes.

The Google I/O conference covers all development aspects of Google including Google Apps, Google TV, Android, Youtube and everything else Google. Google moved the conference from the second week in May, the week it traditionally has been held on, to the end of June. They did this to accommodate an extra day of workshops, seminars, keynotes and fireside chats.

I/O isn’t relegated to just the three days within the Moscone center though. GTug groups from around the world typically hold meetings the days leading up to I/O and vendors and app developers throw parties. However the conference itself is a working, learning development conference.

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Google opened the ticket sales as planned at 7:00am PT and suspended them 20 minutes later. They had reached their sellout point. Google reports that the $300 student tickets sold out quicker than the $900 general admission tickets.

PCWorld reports that last year’s conference sold out in one hour while the 2010 conference sold out in 50 days. Last year, the day before the conference started, Google posted an additional 100 tickets that were sold out in minutes from the Tweet from the official Google I/O account.

If you didn’t get a ticket and you wanted one there are still a few chances you can get one. Google will most likely hold some developer challenges to get developers to the event. They may also do the same last minute sell out like they did last year.

Google will also webcast the entire event. Last year they had webcast parties around the world  so people could attend remotely. We’ll be there bringing you even more coverage than last year.

source: PCWorld

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