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Wait Here’s Another Samsung Galaxy S III Rumor: Wireless Charging

A short while ago we posted a story about the Korea Times reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S III carrying a quad-core Samsung Exonys processor. That story is reportedly sourced by a high ranking Samsung Executive.

Now we’re here to report that the Samsung Galaxy S III may also feature wireless charging. According to the Korean site DDaily, Samsung has a big surprise for Galaxy S III owners. Allegedly the phone will be able to charge wirelessly from 1 to 2 meters away from the charging base.

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There are third party charging solutions that allow inductive charging. That type of charging is usually dependent on the phone laying on a charging surface. According to DDaily not only well there be some kind of inductive charging solution packaged with the Galaxy S III but it won’t require you to have the phone touching an inductive charging pad.

There was a wireless charging method shown off at CES called the Fulto eCoupled method. The charging system in the Samsung Galaxy S III is said to be their own patented, proprietary system

Did the prospect of a quad-core, LTE friendly Exonys processor alongside a wireless charging mechanism just bump this phone up to “must have” status for you? Tell us in the comments…

source: The Verge

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