Video Chat Over 3G And 4G With Your Android Tablet, “The New” iPad, Not So Much

One of the big features that has been a plus for Android over iOS devices is the ability to video chat over cellular 3G and 4G networks. While jail breaking an iOS device can give you 3G/4G connectivity for video chatting, Apple’s signature video chatting app, that’s integrated with iMessage and iChat, FaceTime, is still behind in the times.

Dan Seifert over at Mobileburn, has reported that even on the “New iPad” which debuts tomorrow, FaceTime users are still relegated to chatting over wi-fi using FaceTime. What makes this even sillier is the fact that here in Austin TX during SXSWi I met somebody who had to tether to his Verizon Wireless iPhone 4S in order to initiate a FaceTime chat with his family using his 3G connected iPad via Wi-Fi.

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Seifert suggests that the data strain on the 4G network may be involved in Apple’s decision to only support FaceTime over wi-fi. Apple had said that FaceTime over 3G would not give the user good experience. However many still do FaceTime, tethered as above.

Reviews for the New iPad are all over the net this morning. Many of Apple’s biggest supporters have said that the “New iPad” isn’t a significant enough change to move from the iPad 2 at this time, unless you want the 4G/LTE connectivity.

If you love video chatting, and hangouts on the go, Android is still full of win!

source: MobileBurn