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Verizon/Motorola Connected Home Gateway Clears FCC

One of the coolest things about the Android operating system is the way that some companies are thinking outside of the box and designing things utilizing Android outside of the realm of phones and tablets. One of those categories is home automation.

Last year at Google IO during the first days keynote Google showed off new home automation features like controlling sound and lighting with an Android phone or Android based controller. We’re expecting more of that this year in June at IO2012.

While we’re still waiting for Google’s official home system, Motorola and Verizon are closer to a connected home controller.

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The small box that functions as the brain of Verizon’s Z-Wave Home Monitoring and Control System has made it’s way through the FCC test center in Columbia Maryland.

When released to the public Verizon’s Z-Wave Home Monitoring and Control System is said to integrate your home security system with your home automation system including controlling the various starting and stopping of appliances like your dish washer, and washing machine.

Now, remotely using Android a Verizon Z-Wave customer will be able to check things like the security of their home or the temperature in their home. With the weather as crazy as it has been imagine being on vacation in another part of the world and finding out that youre city is going to have a cold blast, you can turn on the heat from afar.

It’s features like that plus the piece of mind of an all in one, smartphone remote controlled alarm system that will have customers turning to Verizon for home automation and security.

There’s no word on the cost of the controller or the Z-Wave system but we’d imagine it will be much more affordable than if it came from one of the more pricey security companies.

There’s a video at the source: Phandroid

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