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Turner Sports/CBS Official March Madness App Not Playing Nice With Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re knee deep into the 2012 NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament then you’ve probably been looking for a way to stream the games onto your Android phone. Luckily for some there’s CBS’s March Madness app.

The CBS March Madness app by Turner Sports is the “official” NCAA app. As such it’s supposed to give you access to scores, information, highlights and video streaming of all 67 games. If you’re looking for audio only you can try Slacker Radio.

Video streaming is a big deal as a lot of the games happen while folks are at work, out with their families, or eating dinner. Who wouldn’t want pocket sized courtside action.

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Well apparently Chris Leckness over at Gottabemobile got a little pissed off when he couldn’t access the app from his Galaxy Nexus. While the app says it’s compatible with iOS and Android, he later found that even Turner Sports says they only support up to Android 2.3.7.

Leckness was able to find a work around in the form of an apk downloaded from XDA. After he side-loaded the app to his Galaxy Nexus everything worked out just fine. The problem in this case is the $3.99 payment that Leckness was more than willing to fork over for video streaming coverage of the tournament.

Leckness says in this post that if Turner doesn’t resolve the ICS issue in the next day or two than he will post the instructions on how to get going with the app on ICS. Of course if you have half a brain you can figure out from reading this or his story exactly how to do it.

We are staunch supporters of developers and the fees that they charge to make a living and support their work but obviously when a major development house can’t get it right there are work-arounds. Try your device through the front door first but it’s definitely still not available for ICS.

source: Gottabe

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